Watch Satya 2, a Telugu action movie on AHA

Watch Satya 2, a Telugu action movie on AHA

Crime films have peaked in production in the modern era, and with many sub-genres being attached to it, no wonder it is considered a popular film genre today.

To direct a good and engaging crime thriller isn’t an easy task; somehow, the South-Indian industry has done it right. Ticking all the right elements with outstanding performances and good direction, the genre has peaked in regional film industries and has become an audience favourite.

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Satya 2

Satya 2 is a 2013 Telugu action-thriller, written and directed by veteran Ram Gopal Verma and is the sequel to the first film Satya and the fourth film in his Gangster series. Shot both in Hindi and Telugu, the film stars Puneet Singh, Sharwananand, Anaika Soti, and Mahesh Thakur.

The duo Sanjeev-Darshan composed the music and the cinematography was done by VikashSaraf.The film tells the tale of an ordinary man Satya, trying to make it big in the infamous underworld of Hyderabad.

The film opens with a narration that narrates the doings of the underworld in Hyderabad and how it is practically dormant in recent times. The story then shifts to the main protagonist Satya, who comes to Hyderabad to work for a construction magnate.

A situation arises for which he gets involved in the mafia and the underworld and, like an endless abyss, gets sucked into its depth.

A short chain of events causes Satya to kill everyone in his path to save himself, like RK, the retired mafia leader. Throughout the journey, Satya makes many connections, and the heist life makes him lose himself; he loses his lover Chitra and his friends and makes enemies all around.

In a shootout with the police, Satya gets jailed, but his connections let him out, and it is then revealed that he happens to be the new leader of the underworld of Hyderabad.

The heist film genre and criminal thrillers have been extremely popular, and Ram Gopal Verma’s infamous Gangster series has changed the face of thriller films. On its release and its raw depiction of the underworld, he has acquired a cult king status and could be credited as the veteran to popularise the Mafia genre in Indian films.To check full movies online, head over to AHA and purchase your subscription today!