Best Top Autumn Traditions and Events near Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Fussen

  1. Stupendous Cow Herds-Down-The-Mountains Festival Viehscheid or Almabtrieb in German all through September

Consistently in spring cow groups are being taken up to the high fields to benefit from the nutritious grass of the Alpine mountains. They stay there all through the late spring and are being cared for by a shepherd.

In September of consistently, these crowds are being driven down to the valley to be gotten back to their proprietors in a tremendous occasion with many cows all determined down to the valley together. To praise an effective summer without mishap or lost creatures, the cows are being finished intricately and regularly there are rivalries for the best adornment. This occasion is likewise celebrated with nearby music, dance occasions and brew tents in each town and town.

  1. Antiquated Cattle Market in the town of Buching 5km from Schwangau/Neuschwanstein end September

Toward the finish of September Schwangau’s adjoining town Buching/Halblech¬†neuschwanstein castle the customary steers market. Like in the past times, ranchers arrange costs and concur with a handshake.


Music goes with the finished cows as it enters the market square around 9.30am in the first part of the day. Diverse to cows advertises somewhere else, all cows in Buching will be enriched and you will likewise discover market remains with keepsakes and nearby produce.

  1. Alphorn Mass on mountain Breitenberg 12km from Schwangau end September

In excess of 100 Alphorn artists will play at an uncommon assistance on top of mountain Breitenberg by Pfronten towards the finish of September 26.9. in 2010. To see this unique occasion take the Breitenberg trolley and be there as expected for the beginning at 10am.

  1. St Colomans Horse Festival in Schwangau and Other pony parades mid October to end of November

Consistently Sunday in October Schwangau praises a stunning occasion: the St. Colomans Festival. Out of appreciation for St. Coloman, an Irish minister, in excess of 200 perfectly beautified ponies are being ridden from the city hall leader’s home to St. Coloman’s congregation to hold an outside chapel gathering. Following the help and as per old custom, the pony march circles the congregation multiple times in a wide circle before everybody starts the festivals in a few brew tents and outside zones uncommonly coordinated during the current day.